Keeping It Real: When It Just Doesn’t Work

April 19, 2013 § 4 Comments

I have a problem: my office / guest room. In the four years we’ve lived here, I’ve (re)arranged it three or four times, and it still doesn’t work. My desk – temptingly stupidly placed right inside the door – collects almost all the stuff that come into the office, which means I can’t use it when I need to.

Office Dumping Spot

When the desk is full, I’ll use the sofa and the coffee table. And the chair in the corner. And the breakfast nook table downstairs. And the living room coffee table. Gah!

And I absolutely, absolutely HATE having to clear off a work space before I can start doing whatever it is I was going to do. But I do it, and everything is fine for a while, until I start filling the horizontal surfaces again. Gah!!

This pattern means that I still haven’t found a spot for everything. When everything has a place, it’s easy to put things away. It works well in other areas of our home, after all.

To work out a solution, I busted out my trusty pieces of paper and started playing around with new room configurations. This is the most promising one so far:

Office Plan Spring 2013

I need more desk space, which this plan accounts for. It will not affect the large pieces in the room, except for adding a third glass-door bookcase, so it should be reasonably easy to do. We’ve already bought the bookcase. I’ll try making a second desk by repurposing two low bookcases as endcaps. We’ve got the desktop for that, too. Now we can start putting the furniture together and move things around. But before that, I need to clean up the room to make space. GAH!


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