Deer, Geese, Turtles, and Turkeys

June 17, 2013 § 4 Comments

We have been treated to quite a show these past two weeks! It’s no news that there are deer around, but we don’t usually see them with geese:

Deer and Geese

The flock of geese & goslings from May has visited us several times more. It was fun to see them splashing in a puddle:

Goslings and Goose

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a turtle on our neighbor’s yard, heading towards the pond:

Turtle in Retreat

Two days after, Mr. E saw a turtle nest on our front yard…

Turtle Nest

…and two days after that, there she was!

Turtle in Her Nest

Mr. E poked around in the nest a little, but couldn’t see any eggs. We’ll see, I guess. It would be sooo exciting if we had baby turtles in our future!

One afternoon we spotted this bunny in the grass:


Just a few minutes later, another one arrived and raced up and down the back yard. There was even a third, but we only spotted it when the pair of ears in the bushes happened to move right when I looked. (We did see all three at once, but sadly couldn’t get a picture.)

The most exciting visitor is this wild turkey mommy with her young:

Turkey and Chicks

Like the geese, the turkey has also seen back with her chicks. Three days in a row now! We counted six chicks, but I think I only caught five in this photo. Edit: There are five chicks.

It’s such a treat to see this much wildlife right on our yard!


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