More Turkey Sightings!

July 27, 2013 § 2 Comments

In June, a wild turkey with five chicks appeared on our yard and kept coming back. (The geese & goslings have since moved elsewhere, and we haven’t seen the turtle either.) Sometimes they hang out in the front, but mostly they’re near the forest at the back. Occasionally, after the rain, we see a display of turkeys preening and flapping. Looks like they’re drying themselves off:

Turkeys Drying off

At first it was only this one turkey and her chicks. Then we begun to see two other adults on and off, one with three tiny chicks. Very, very rarely we’ve seen all of them at once:

All the Turkeys

To better keep track of them, we’ve named the first (with five chicks) Henrietta. (“Look out the window, Henrietta and the kids are by the raspberries!”) The one without chicks is Aunt Muriel to us, but we haven’t yet named the one with the three small chicks.

Henrietta’s bunch is definitely growing fast! This is a photo from June:

Turkey and Chicks

And here they are earlier this week (with Henrietta and her brood in the foreground):

Henrietta and Five

You can see how much smaller the unnamed mommy’s chicks are in comparison.

One of Henrietta’s kids seems to like eating while lying down on the ground. At least we’ve seen one do that several times, but we can’t be sure it’s the same one every time. That’s what it looks like, but it’s impossible to tell the chicks apart. The best is when we catch them doing something outlandish, like taking a sand bath…

Turkeys Sandbathing

…or climbing the neighbor’s fence…

Turkeys on Fence

…or our fruit tree / bush enclosures…

Climbing Turkeys

…or sit on the firewood pile!

Turkey on Firewood

Watching them is simply fascinating!


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