Of Weather, Carrots, and a Flag

August 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

The weather has been very odd this summer. In April and June, we had yo-yo weather: warm, cool, warm, cool. In July we had some 90+-degree (30+-Celcius) scorchers, then it cooled down again to mid-70s (around 25 C), with night temps in the 60s (teens in C). It was around that time we got a very sudden, very strong hailstorm. Here’s how hard it pounded our back deck canopy:


And the accumulation of hailstones afterwards:

Hailstones on Deck

And now it’s 91 Fahrenheit again, except it feels like 97 (33 / 36 C). Go figure!

The latest batch of fresh farmstand produce included these two entwined carrots:

Carrot Mashup

You could take them apart and put them together again with just a little twist. Isn’t nature marvelous?

Finally, the other day when I had my sewing machine out I was suddenly seized by this inspiration to make myself a small Finnish flag:

Finnish Flag

I don’t have any particular plans for it, but I’m happy to have one.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get as far away from the sun as I can and get a cold drink!


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