Special Dinner: August 2013

September 2, 2013 § 1 Comment

Mr. E decided on doing special dinners with a color theme this year. When Mr. E was little, he associated months with a combination of two colors (much like his colors for weekdays). His aim is to make dinner with ingredients that are naturally as close to each month’s colors as possible; food dyes are right out for this project. August colors are yellow and orange.

Aug 2013 Special Dinner

We started with a simple yellow tomato salad (bottom left in the photo above). Nothing but tomato and a dressing of vinegar and olive oil. I never would have believed that “just tomato” could be so good! I bet it was because of the tomatoes, which were locally grown heirlooms. The dinner included quite a few other things from our local farms as well – something we appreciate. And the simple vinegar+oil dressing went perfectly with the salad. Incredibly tasty!

The main course was a chicken and summer vegetable stir fry with carrots, summer squash, and yellow pepper. The pepper came from a supermarket, but the other veggies were, again, local. Mr. E colored the rice with turmeric – a cheaper substitute for saffron, and equally tasty, if you ask me. I’m not entirely sure what it was – maybe the carrots? – but there was something naturally sweet in the stir fry which made the dish simply delightful. It reminded me of dishes with coconut milk – the same kind of light but not saccharine sweetness. Very, very good!

As dessert we enjoyed a Finnish-style pancake and a fruit sauce of oranges and local peaches, and we drank moscato, a sweet white wine that’s become a favorite.

Aug 2013 Table

For the table, I reused my home-made yellow and orange Marimekko poppy runner and yellow napkins. We don’t really have any yellow or orange dishes, and I’d prefer using what I have for this project instead of buying new things, so I just got out plates with the most yellow-ish tones. I think it worked quite well; I find that if there is too much of one color (or one particular tone of a color), it tends to look too lifeless for my taste.

(As an afterthought, now that I’m looking at the photo, I should’ve left out the yellow felt daisy-cutout from under the candle. Ohwell.)

Yet another great dinner, yay!


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