November and My Happy Things

November 7, 2013 § 1 Comment

It’s November. It’s cold and dark. It’s time to think about things that make you happy.

The only thing better than tea and a good book is tea in a Jane Austen themed mug and a good book… 🙂

Tea mug

Brookish on Etsy.

Mr. Darcy proposal mug by Brookish on Etsy.

AAAaaaah, books!

Falling Book Bookend

Art Ori Design.

By Art Ori Design, from Design My World.

Keeping warm with wool…

Leg Warmers

CozySeason on Etsy.

Leg warmers with traditional Nordic star pattern by CozySeason on Etsy.

…and keeping warm with the help of a fireplace:

Painted Logs

Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff.

Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff. Although at this time of the year, I prefer a functioning one. This is such a cheerful idea, though, that it’s worth remembering. Kudos, Karen!

All the stuff above is immaterial, though, compared to my life with Mr. E. This academic year, he is up for tenure. It’s been a stressful process for him – all the paperwork, statements, various documents, evaluations both in person and on paper, and copying said paperwork in – gosh, I don’t even know – triplicate? Quadruplicate? This week he had his tenure meeting. The committee did recommend to the powers that be (= people above them in the uni. administration) that he be tenured. Hooray! Now we have to wait for the official decision, which should come some time in the spring, we’re told.

There is no doubt in my mind that you deserve tenure, Mr. E. Your insight and patience – and yes, geekery – make ancient history accessible for your students and so much more than names and dates. The world would be less if you weren’t teaching.

Wedding Day

(Our wedding day over 10 years ago. Gosh, aren’t we young!)

I’m so, so proud of you I’m gonna burst! 🙂 😀


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