Enjoying My Bread

November 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Finns eat a lot of bread. A lot. I’ve cut down since moving to the U.S., but I still enjoy my bread very much. Bread and cheese is the basic form of a Finnish sandwich, and still my go-to breakfast. When I want to go fancy, I slice some veggies on top, like the other day:

Tomato Pepper Red Onion Sandwich

Sandwich with tomato, pepper and red onion.

A traditional type of meal in Eastern Finland is a stuffed / filled loaf of bread called kukko. Typically it’s made with a fish filling (kalakukko), but sometimes you see other foodstuffs used like rutabaga (lanttukukko), potato (perunakukko) or chopped meat (lihakukko). The crust is made with rye flour – none of your half rye, half wheat, or cumin (or caraway) infested rye, but pure rye.

Last week, Mr. E made a fish kukko with fresh whitefish:

Fish kukko

Fish kukko with rye crust.

Some types of Finnish breads have cumin in them, but the cumin-free tends to dominate where I grew up, hence I’m strictly prejudiced. 🙂 Also, when a Finn talks about rye bread, it’s mostly sourdough and 100% rye. If other flours are used as well, we call it a mix bread (sekaleipä). It’s tough to find “proper” rye bread in the States, so I end up eating a lot of Wasa sourdough crispbread (with cheese, naturally) to get my rye fix.

Mr. E’s kukko was really good! I’m so thankful that we found each other and that he’s interested in trying all these weird foreign things as well as teaching me his strange foreign things. We’ve had plenty of sharing flops, but a good amount of keepers, too. Luckily, our food shares tend to work well. 🙂

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