Special Dinner: November 2013

December 10, 2013 § 1 Comment

Mr. E decided on doing special dinners with a color theme this year. When Mr. E was little, he associated months with a combination of two colors (much like his colors for weekdays). His aim is to make dinner with ingredients that are naturally as close to each month’s colors as possible; food dyes are right out for this project. November colors are silver and grey.

…and impossible! There is no way to make a meal with naturally silvery-colored and grey foods! (Unless you want to eat charcoal, maybe.)

Nov 2013 Main

Mr. E cooked two small rainbow trouts for the main course – we each got one – with mashed potatoes, grilled mushrooms and milk. We skipped the starter this time, but had white chocolate pudding as dessert. The meal was unassuming, but very tasty. The rainbow trout, especially, was so good we had repeats: in the evening, Mr. E picked the leftovers and made fishcakes.

Nov 2013 Dessert

Creating the table was easier than the food, although I ended up fudging it a bit, too. Besides a grey piece of cotton duck from my fabric stash, I used a lot of glass for its reflective qualities. To include more silver, I put out a bowl of our silvery Christmas tree ornaments with a white candle on a gleaming silvery candlestick. Our white napkins were unintrusive enough to accompany the glass.

Nov 2013 Table

Because there’s not much light at this time of the year, we’ve moved our special dinners to midday. It was so nice to eat a sit-down meal with Mr. E in the sunlight. I also think Mr. E did a wonderful job with this particular color challenge, all things considered. I’ve racked my brain since, but just can’t think of appetizing food options for silver or grey. Any ideas, anyone?


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