Recycled Cardboard Inserts as Snowflake Ornaments

December 12, 2013 § 2 Comments

While rearranging our kitchen cabinets, I came across a box of small soup bowls I bought in the summer of 2012. For some reason I still can’t fathom*, I made a decision to just take out a few pieces for our immediate use and leave the other half of the bowls into the box. And of course the box has been sitting in the corner of the cabinet since. While getting rid of this inconceivable clutter, I rediscovered the cardboard inserts that separated each bowl, all of which I also had inexplicably kept in the box. (There are times I really don’t understand my brain, and I live with it!)

For once, this hoarding fail turned out well: for the effort of 5 minutes at most, I got 5 white “snowflake” ornaments for our living room window.

Inserts into Snowflakes

I just punched holes into the inserts, threaded loops of regular sewing thread through the holes, and hung the ornaments from a tension rod.

Inserts w Holes and Thread

Here’s a shot taken during our November special dinner:

Nov 2013 Table w Window

Although this is the first photo of them, I had them up during the first week of November. I guess I technically started decorating for Christmas very early this year, yikes! 😀

Another one with our little tree:

Tree 2013

For such little effort, I’m very pleased. 🙂

*) Actually, I think I can. 2012 was the summer when my family from Finland visited, and we were neck deep in preparations and hosting. It was exhausting. No wonder my decision-making faculties weren’t all there.


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