Holiday Decorations 2013 with New Himmeli

December 14, 2013 § 2 Comments

Both Mr. E and I had a busy fall. Not crazy-busy-always-in-motion busy, but busy in a way that required planning and thought and analysis and concentrated effort almost entirely throughout the fall. The big issue for Mr. E was his tenure process. My big effort was a new job working for myself. It’s been fun to get to do new things, but also demanding in so many ways. We’re both quite ready to take time off, get de-worn-out and just enjoy each other’s company!

Due to the busy, we’ve kept our Christmas decorating very minimal. We’re not very big on holiday decor to begin with, but this year it’s even more pronounced. I have to say I quite like it for a change. Here’s a short tour of our holiday decorations.

We picked a small tree from the local farm where we get our meat, eggs and veggies:

Tree 2013

We only used silver ball ornaments, a string of lights and our white bow tree topper this year. Behind the tree are my recycled 5-minute hanging snowflake ornaments and a Scandinavian-style electric chandelier.

I already mentioned the amazing re-blushing poinsettias:

Poinsettias Turning Red

They’re further along now, although a little less than I thought:

Poinsettias Getting Redder

Ohwell. I’m just happy they’re still alive! 🙂

In the corner of the living room, I used a short string of lights to make a “nest” for our wonderful glass Mirella (the Iittala annual bird for 2012):

Glass Bird Nest

Thanks again, K! It’s beautiful, and we love it.

I also turned our arm chairs towards the fireplace – time to toast those toes! – and set out a shallow dish with the remaining silver ball ornaments for a tad more bling. I’m delighted that the Christmas cactus is also blossoming!

Living Room

Since my first attempt at making a himmeli, I made a new, bigger one. (Ruokahalu kasvaa syödessä. 🙂 ) It usually lives at the doorway between the green room and the kitchen:

New Himmeli in Green Room

I moved it into the front hall for the season. I also set out our straw pig and goat (seen in an old holiday wishes post), along with some extra branches from our tree and a small jar of partridge berries in moss we got from Mr. E’s mom.

Front Hall Mashup

The branches are hung from a “plank” (actually a table leaf on its way to storage after Thanksgiving) with a quick remnant-ribbon bow.

And as usual, we’re collecting Christmas cards on the mantel facing the kitchen. These little touches, along with some white on the ground – and some yummy smells from the kitchen! – are enough for us to get into the spirit.


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