Special Dinner: February 2014

February 26, 2014 § 4 Comments

For the 2014 special dinners, Mr. E suggested we should look at some of the less often used cookbooks in our household for inspiration. I’m not sure whether we’ll have enough to use each cookbook only once during the year, or whether we’ll even want to – I guess we’ll see! It will certainly be a different approach compared to last year’s color theme.

Due to busy, we decided to skip the January special dinner this year and go straight onto February. We picked The Finnish Cookbook by Beatrice Ojakangas. It’s a little older; I think the recipes mostly come from Finns who immigrated to North America in the early 1900s. Not the most current Finnish cooking, surely, but a lot of the dishes and ingredient combinations sound very familiar.

Mr. E made a tomato potato soup for starters. With it, we had carrot pies Mr. E made from scratch. The carrot pies are a version of Karelian pies (tarts that have a thin rye crust with rice filling).

Feb 2014 Starter Plus

Fish on a spinach bed was the main course. Mr. E chose cod and poached it with bay leaves and parsley. On top, he made a sauce, also from The Finnish Cookbook, with dill, parsley, chives and chopped boiled egg.

Feb 2014 Special Dinner

We had a cranberry tirri pudding from Savo as dessert. It’s a thick pudding made with half rye and half wheat flour, water, sugar and cranberries, and baked for three hours in an oven. It turned out incredibly soft and rich. After the first spoonful, some sort of Finn-food-Spidey-sense activated and reminded me that the pudding is better with a splash of milk. I used my usual vanilla soy milk instead (due to my lactose intolerance); that was delicious, too.

For the table, I pulled out a white table cloth and folded it into a long runner-cum-shared-placemat. I used mostly white and blue dishes (for the Finland theme), but added small touches of green (to include Mr. E through his favorite color).

Feb 2014 Table

I can’t quite remember if I’ve ever had the fish sauce with egg in Finland, but I liked it a lot. Everything was delicious, but the tirri tasted really, really, especially wonderful – a taste of home in a bowl. Thank you, Mr E!


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§ 4 Responses to Special Dinner: February 2014

  • Lii says:

    At school, I remember a white egg sauce served with some kind of preserved fish (sardelles?).

  • Lii says:

    That might have been the canned fish, not a separate sauce (sardelleja/sardiineja tomaattikastikkeessa)? Definitely some kind of combination of canned fish, tomato and white egg sauce, though – I can remember the taste :). Funny nostalgia right there ;).

    • ekoti says:

      I know! This special dinner made me think of the Finnish school food quite a bit. I didn’t enjoy all of it at the time, but I do now appreciate having tasted many traditional / regional dishes. I’m also really glad I got the chance to offer Mr. E some liver casserole to taste – thanks for hosting!

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