Spring Getaway on a Desert

March 20, 2014 § 2 Comments

Mr. E and I decided to make a short, impromptu trip during spring break. To Las Vegas. Sort of – we flew and stayed in Vegas because of the cheap flights and hotels, but basically we were there for the sun and the nature.

We wanted to walk trails and look around, so we drove to the Spring Mountains area

Spring Mountains Mashup

…and the Red Rock Canyon park:

Red Rock Canyon Mashup

Everything was so unlike anything we’d ever seen! Even when we did come across familiar things (like pine trees), the details were different. The flowers were coming out, which was really lovely. The park we really liked, though, is the Valley of Fire park about an hour northeast of greater Las Vegas.

Valley of Fire MashupValley of Fire Mashup2

The colors of the rock were amazing!

Valley of Fire Colors Mashup

Desert sunsets were very short!

Desert Sunset LV

We also walked the Strip to gawk at the hotels, but it grew old fast. Looking at (new) buildings and people isn’t really our thing. (We could have checked into the history of the area, but that’s centuries after our respective periods, so no bonus.) We caught one Cirque de Soleil show, too. Now that I have experience of both cities, I have to say that Vegas is a nicer place to catch a Broadway-quality show. The facilities are newer, cleaner and in better repair, plus driving / parking is practically a piece of cake compared to Manhattan.

The only hitch on the trip was picking up our rental car at the airport. There were 12 conventions plus Nascar in town at the time, so the line was an hour(!) long. It seemed that at the end of our visit young spring breakers were starting to enter town in droves, so I guess we were between two peak times.

Even though it was a short trip, it was pretty amazing. I’d definitely visit the South West again!


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