Animal Friends Return

June 17, 2014 § 2 Comments

Phew – some work busyness and more than a week’s just gone! Ohwell. πŸ™‚

Both Mr. E and I are delighted that our animal friends have returned for another summer!

For the longest time we didn’t see hide or hair of the gas tank chipmunk, even though we heard some cheeping in the woods. It seems to be a bust year for chipmunks, too, so we were afraid that it didn’t make it through the winter. But no, it’s back!

Gas Tank Chipmunk

We’ve had rabbits before, but this year they really seem to have adopted our back yard as a regular hangout. At best, we’ve seen three rabbits at one time. We try to give them their space, because we like them around. Mr. E’s garden (just peas and cukes this year) is well protected, and most of the rest of our β€œplantings” are natives of the area – them the bunnies are welcome to as far as we are concerned. Some of the rabbits seem comfortable enough to have a bit of a grooming time by our foundation:

Brown Bunny

Mostly we see brown rabbits. This fella seems to have a butterscotch orange patch on his neck, though:

Butterscotch Bunny

I’m calling him a male, because he’s more daring and active than the brown bunnies. Just this week, we saw two bunnies apparently playing on our back yard: one rabbit ran towards the other, who jumped in place just in time to avoid a collision. It surely looked intentional, for they did it at least ten times. We lost count, we were laughing so hard. It was hilarious! I’ve never seen a wild rabbit do it; only something on YouTube.

Sometimes we’re lucky to witness wild turkeys and rabbits moseying around at the same time. We’ve seen one lonely hen, and one lonely tom, but the best of it is a mama with chicks!

Turkey Mama and Chicks

She started coming in late May with eleven(!) chicks. Unfortunately, two have since disappeared. Still, I’d think that nine chicks is plenty. We can already tell that they’ve grown

In other sightings: The female turtle we saw last summer seems to have been testing our front yard as potential egg site again. There are three shallow depressions on the dry patch of the lawn, but we haven’t seen the turtle itself. One sleepless night we even heard a fox, and I caught a glimpse of it under the street light.

I’m amazed at how much you can learn just by watching the animals go about their business, and I feel very lucky to be able to do so. I just love living in the woods!


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