Juhannus Drink 2014: Shand-ito

June 23, 2014 § Leave a comment

Last Saturday we celebrated juhannus (Midsummer). In Finland, it’s one of the biggest if not the biggest holiday of the year. Our plans were very modest, but we did enjoy the outdoors – our yard – and relaxed. And ate! 🙂

Our juhannus dinner consisted of local potato (NH), local asparagus (nearby in MA) and fresh local fish (NH) from our fish share. Our beverage did even better: we made shandies (basically, a mix of beer and lemonade or other soft drink) with commercial lemonade and Mr. E’s latest brew, an orange hefeweitzen. We then combined that with mint from our own back yard for a kind of a shandy-mojito mix. The mint comes courtesy of Mr. E’s mother – we got two different mints and lemonbalm a year or two ago from her that we planted around our sacrificial altar grilling station.

Shand-ito Mashup

So, our own beer and mint make a hyper-local shand-ito. Definitely a keeper if you’re into sweet(ish) drinks. Enjoy fresh outdoors for best results! 🙂


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