We Got Dumped on!

February 3, 2015 § 3 Comments


So. Much. Snow. Winter storm Juno hit our area with 14-18 inches / 35-45 cm, with another 12-14 inches / 30-35 cm during the week since. Here’s our driveway after Juno…

Last Week Jan 2015

(Note how there’s a little bit of fence visible at the right side of the photo.)

…and a view out of the garage after another week’s worth of snow:

First Week Feb 2015

(No fence visible at all!)

What made it “fun” was that Mr. E and I were really sick just before. We did the first rounds of shoveling while still wheezing and coughing. We’d shovel for a little while, go back in to catch our breath for an hour and let our clothing dry, and then get back out to pick up where we left. Rinse and repeat until there’s enough space to drive one car out, then eat and collapse and do it all over again the next day, hoping we’d feel better after a night’s sleep.

We decided, being both recovering, to dig out only one car since currently Mr. E is the only person who absolutely *needs* to get out during the day. (For the moment, our other commitments can be scheduled so that we won’t require two cars out at once.) Fortunately, then, we could just dump the snow in front of my half of the garage:

Garage First Week Feb 2015

For reference, there is a retaining wall between the driveway and the deck, so the photo is a little confusing if you don’t know the lay of the land. On the driveway side of the retaining wall, the pile is taller than I am, and beyond the wall, merely 2+ feet.

Within the past week, we’ve been out to shovel snow together 14 times. In addition, I’ve done two one-hour-or-so sessions on my own. That averages twice a day for a week. (No wonder I feel exhausted!) It was grueling, but we did it.

On top of it, there will be more snow in the next week! The forecasts currently vary between 9-16 inches / 23-40 cm. Good grief!

Most likely I will save my energy for snow and survival, and won’t be blogging until mid-month. Until then, be well.


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