Even More Snow!

February 18, 2015 § 4 Comments

So, in the past three weeks, our area has gotten 79” / 200 cm of snow. There’s been a few deposits since the two storms I talked about in my last post, and, last weekend, one major storm. We’ve been shoveling, and shoveling and shoveling.

The picture of the garage at the end of my previous post? We cleared the area in front of the garage door, but then we had to fill it again because there was nowhere else to put the snow. Here it is three days ago:

15th Garage

In the photo above, the shorter layer of snow in front of the garage comes up to my chest. There’s no way I can pile it higher with the snow pusher. The taller layer behind is where we’ve been throwing snow from the driveway, chipping away at the mound with our shovels. It’s almost impossible for us to throw snow on top of anymore, so we had to come up with a backup plan (more on that at the end).

We also keep digging and re-digging out the compost. During last weekend’s storm, the wind blew so much snow around that the path to the compost was partly blocked and the compost itself was buried. Below are two photos, one day apart, that show the disappearing compost and path:

Compost Mashup

The piles surrounding our driveway are, at places, taller than I am:

15th Path n Driveway

That’s the driveway, with the garage off the frame to the left, and a view towards our neighbor’s house, on the day of the storm. The piles at the front door aren’t quite as bad:

15th Front Door

To cope with the snow, we dug out a hole in the snow bank on the front lawn, seen here from the front door:

Snow Appendix

We’ve been using it to cart snow from the driveway, and then shoveling the loose snow off to the sides.

Snow Appendix in Use

In fact, we were supposed to get 3”-5” / 10-ish cm yesterday. Turns out that this storm stayed further to the south, and we only got the lightest of dustings. I’m relieved for our sakes, but sorry for the people living south of Boston.

The forecasts have been going back and forth with any further snow predictions. I’m going to play it safe, save my strength and put off blogging again until March.

At least days are longer each day, and the sun feels so great!


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