Finally, Much Less Snow

March 19, 2015 § 1 Comment

It’s been a month since these snow-filled scenes

15th Garage

Snow Appendix

…and the warmer weather has really done a number on the snow banks. Below are the same locations at the beginning of this week:

March 17th Garage

Snow Appendix Melting

The difference is astonishing! Apart from the driveway, the roof is also free of snow and ice (apart from a small area on the northern side). Last week we had quite a scare when a huge ice sheet came thundering down the length of the east side of the house:

Ice Sheet Down

The sheet is about a foot (30 cm) wide and looks quite thick, plus there was a whole load of snow and ice chunks that fell at the same time. Fortunately no-one was near to get hurt.

Indoors, the house has been a bit of an obstacle course: I’m dodging ladybugs woken up by the warm weather. Some of the poor things still look groggy (or whatever the bug equivalent is). Those I usually lift into safety onto a sunny window sill. I want as many ladybugs as possible to make it, to act as natural aphid control.

We also had several leaks due to the melting, unfortunately. For a while, our ice chopper and hatchet and one of the shovels lived by the back door with our rubber boots in case they were needed for a mad dash to hack at ice. (Bad ice! Destroooooy!)

Leak Tools by Back Door

Our plans for spring break and summer are on hold till we know how much damage there is and where and what it takes to take care of it. Ohwell.

I’m so happy to have longer, warmer days with more sun. Yay, spring! 🙂


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