Work on the House

September 29, 2015 § 2 Comments

Last winter’s snows made our roof leak, and since we were going to have to get someone in to look at that anyway, we decided to have some other work done while they were at it.

The good news is, there doesn’t seem to be permanent damage in our walls or roof. Nevertheless, at one point we did get a mushroom of some sort growing in between the floorboards by the back door:

Back Door Mushroom

Yikes! It hasn’t been back, so most likely it was a fluke.

The biggest task was to repair and repaint drywall damage from the leaks and a few spots elsewhere in the house. I don’t seem to have a good photo of all the water damage by the back door and the fireplace where most of it happened, but here are two shots. The picture below shows the biggest ceiling stain when it was still of middling size:

Back Door Ceiling Damage

Living Room Work

In the picture above, the back door is just out of the picture to the left. The leaking water dripped down along the ceiling beam, ran along the beam to the fireplace and finally ran down both the side and kitchen front of the fireplace to the tile floor in front of it. You can kinda tell where the primer covering the damage is by the different reflection (gleam / lighter shade).

We’ve had cracks in the bedroom drywall for almost as long as we’ve lived in the house, and our efforts to patch them haven’t worked. It was fantastic to get those fixed!

Bedroom Doorway

A few other spots:

Upst Blue Bath

Upst Yellow Office

We also want out basement to look a little nicer, plus painted and water-protected to some extent:

Painted Basement North Wall

Painted Basement South Wall

The white on the walls is a kind of sealant, the green is just floor paint.

Then we got two of these beauties put in:

Dual Flush Toilet

Dual flush toilets! It’s a glamorous life we lead if new toilets can get you excited. 😉

And finally, we had a bathouse hung in the south west corner of the house:


Mr. E made the bathouse following his father’s proven design. The funny thing was that the evening when the bathouse went up, we kept the garage doors open till dusk to release the fumes from the basement wall treatment. As we went to look at the work and close the garage doors, we startled a bat in our garage! The poor thing flapped around inside for a bit, confused and scared by us (most likely), then flew out. Unfortunately we can’t yet tell whether it’s settled into the bathouse or not. Here’s hoping!

And only two days after this round of work, we had to call in a plumber to replace the leaking overflow tank on our waterheater. He also discovered that our water pressure way exceeded the recommended, and installed a valve. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Ohwell. 🙂


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