Dealing with Snow and a Downed Tree

February 9, 2016 § 3 Comments

We had a snow storm last Friday. We were out to shovel the seven inches / ca. 17-18 cm of sloppy, heavy snow three times. It started during the night and went on most of the day, but by early evening the sky was clear already – and absolutely beautiful! This is the sky just before sunset, which was gorgeous, too, but I didn’t get a picture of that because nature served something else to distract us.

Pink Sunset in Feb 2016

A tree came down, completely blocking the street and the top of our driveway!

Tree Blocking Our Driveway

To the left of the pole in the picture above is our driveway.

Our nextdoor neighbor had just driven past on his riding snow blower to clear his niece’s yard up the road; likewise, Mr. E had just finished clearing the top of our driveway. The two of us were, in fact, standing in front of our garage about 10 yards / meters away from where the top landed, talking about the shoveling when we heard a crack and saw the tree come down. (Oak, we think.)

The fire department was out almost immediately to clear the road. It took them a couple of hours to chop the trunk, haul it aside and check the wires. By then it was too late for us to do anything about the top half that lay on our property.

Saturday morning we came out with loppers and saws. I snipped off smaller branches to make it easier to get to the trunk, and Mr. E sawed off the larger branches and cut the smaller trunks into manageable pieces. We staged the various sized parts in piles all around our driveway before hauling them off into the woods.

Larger Branches Ready to Haul off

Smaller Branches in Piles

Tree Trunk Pieces Downed Wire

Fortunately the day was sunny and bright – a joy to work in – for there was an awful a lot of tree to move, even though it wasn’t a particularly large one. I certainly have a new appreciation of how much of a tree’s volume the upper branches form!

All in all, Mr. E and I got off easy: the only damage was to the loppers, which I broke trying to snip off a branch that was a little too thick:

Broken Loppers

What makes me really happy is that no-one got hurt. Even the damage from the downed wires was limited: three households down the street lost their phone & Internet overnight, but I believe no-one was without electricity. There was no property damage, either. We were all very lucky.

There is still one piece of wire looping down to the ground (like a U), but it’s not obstructing anything, and we have four pieces of tree trunk to the side of our driveway that we need to cut and move. Lots of firewood in our future! 🙂


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