Post-Election Post

November 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

Last Tuesday, U.S. voted for their 45th president. The results revealed a controversial and divisive situation that has been there for years if not decades but which a lot of people haven’t wanted to see before. At this point the actual long-term implications are anyone’s guess.

As a woman, non-native English speaker and an immigrant, I suspect I will be affected; then again, I’m protected by my whiteness, straightness, cisness and economic luck.

Laura Poulette Duo Fiberworks Rainbow 11.11wreath 640x480

Laura Poulette at Duo Fiberworks.

I am worried. Very worried. For friends, family, acquaintaces, colleagues, all the people who aren’t as lucky as I am. Who don’t have my privilege. Who already have faced hatred. And there’s a part of population who seem to think that it’s now okay to openly attack people who aren’t like them and to expect no consequences. It’s already gotten toxic, not even a week after.

This. Is. Not. Acceptable.

As I was already having an unusual fall (health issues), this pushed me over the top. Apart from taking care of myself and my family, I will increase my efforts to combat intolerance. So, I don’t think I will have the energy to update here for the foreseeable future. I’ll rethink after New Year.

In the meanwhile, wishing good things to you and yours.

Stay safe.

P.S. Photo from a rainbow-wrapped wreath project by Laura Poulette at Duo Fiberworks.


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