Dark Green in a Bedroom

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Dark green is Mr. E’s favorite color. I like green, but incorporating it into our house has been a bit of a struggle. (Especially since the house came with yellow walls!) I’ve long been keeping an eye out for dark green in any home dec photos I come across just in case they might offer a solution.

Looking for something else, I found this photo in an older folder. It’s from a magazine that’s probably long recycled now, so unfortunately I don’t have any idea who designed the room or when.

Dark Green in a Bedroom

I don’t much care for the details, and the closet wall is positively repulsing to me, but I really like the colors of the bed and bedding. So, it stays in the inspiration folder.


An Adorable Arm Knitting Project

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Anne Flax Twine Arm Knit Bunnies

Anne at Flax & Twine.

Such a pair of cute (and huge!) arm knit bunnies. This fun project is by Anne at Flax & Twine; go visit her blog for more pictures!

Stunning Photograph in a Photograph

April 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

This photo stopped me on my tracks:

Monochromatic bedroom

Alice & Murray Flynn; photo by Chris Warnes.

From the home of Alice & Murray Flynn, photo by Chris Warnes. Found via design*sponge.

Not only is the light in the photo amazing. (I notice myself drawn to similarly lit pictures all. the. time.) The photo in the photo is similarly amazing – the light filtering through the snowy trees, the contrast between snow and wood. Not for everyone, sure, but woodsy people like me – yes, please! It goes really well with the bedding, too. I wouldn’t choose those colors – I’m not sure I even like most of the monochromatic spaces I’ve seen – but it’s a really well planned room / shot.

Picture Pick-Me-Up

February 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

I’ve been dealing with a major (to me, at least) disappointing issue in the past two days, one not likely to go away soon, and felt the need for something cheerful to look at. So, I browsed my saved images galleries and pulled out a few chipper favorites.

I love Stina’s colorful storage solutions:

Colorful storage

Stina at Stina Ballerina.

Stina at Stina Ballerina blog.

Such a gorgeous blue & white bedroom:

White Blue Bedroom

Selina Lake, photograph by Debi Treloar. Heart Home Magazine, Spring 2012.

Selina Lake, photograph by Debi Treloar. Heart Home Magazine, Spring 2012.

A beautiful combination of green and blue:

Blue Green Room

Katie Rosenfield.

Katie Rosenfield, found via Desire to Inspire.

Love this photo of West Elm’s throws:

Set of Throws

West Elm.

West Elm. I especially love the pale greyish blue. According to my notes, they’re from the 2012 Christmas season, but West Elm still has them. On sale! I just wish they weren’t acrylic. I want as little acrylic in my house as I can manage.

These mittens speak for themselves!

POW Mittens

Kate Spade / Saks Fifth Avenue.

Kate Spade design at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Happy, POWerful weekend!

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Basement: Green Floor Inspiration

September 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

Ever since we decided to spruce up our basement a bit, we’ve been batting ideas around. We know how we want to treat the ceiling and the walls, and have started on both. We have an idea about the stairs, but haven’t made a decision yet. We’re still talking about the layout.

One not-yet-started but already decided detail is the floor. It’s going to be green. Below are some inspiration photos.

This is probably the best comparison – it’s a concrete floor, which we also have:

Green concrete floor


Yonmei; found via Looking at Edinburgh.

This sunroom has a green wood floor and a green ceiling:

Green sunroom floor

Photographer Roger Davies.

Photographer Roger Davies; found via Desire to Inspire.

I also found a couple of pictures with a large, deep green rug:

Bedroom with green rug

Malcolm Patterson and Rodney Smith; photo by Evan Dion / Style At Home.

The basement bedroom of homeowners Malcolm Patterson and Rodney Smith in Toronto; photo by Evan Dion. Style At Home (March 2010).

Meeting room with green rug


From the new Microsoft headquarters in Vienna (Austria), created by the architecture company INNOCAD. Found via Desire to Inspire.

I’ll wrap up a few pics with dark green walls for the fun of it:

Green wall color

Robert and Cortney Novogratz.

Robert and Cortney Novogratz’s Great Barrington home. Very neat quilt, don’t you think?

Green Wall

Photographer Johnny Miller.

Photographer Johnny Miller; found via Desire to Inspire.

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Random September Inspiration

September 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

It is definitely getting cooler here in Massachusetts, and we’ve already seen some leaves starting to turn. I do generally like bright fall colors, but this year it seems to have started early. Maybe it’s just me. I collected a few inspiring images to tide me over this week – it’s gonna be busy workwise.

First, check out Jutta’s fantastic kitchen reveal:

Kitchen Redo

Jutta at Kootut murut.

Jutta at Kootut murut.

I like this glass sideboard:

Dining room corner

Andrew Boyd / Heart Home magazine.

Andrew Boyd, Heart Home magazine. Found via Desire to Inspire.

One of the things I miss from Scandinavia is rowan (mountain ash), especially in the fall. Just look how gorgeous a wreath rowan makes:

Entryway with wreath

Margitta at White as Linen.

Margitta at White as Linen.

It also looks great in containers:

Rowan in a jug


Nordingården blog.

Such a serene bedroom makes me jump straight under the covers:


James Dolenc and Thomas Riker at jamesthomas.

James Dolenc and Thomas Riker at jamesthomas. Found via Desire to Inspire.

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These Are No Simple Wallflowers

August 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is not wallpaper, folks – Nataliya hand-painted Marimekko Unikko poppies on her baby girl’s wall! What an incredible amount of work! It looks so stunning.

Painted poppy wall

Nataliya at Style-ING w/ CHILDREN.

Found via First Time Fancy.

The effect is almost identical to this wallpapered children’s room I blogged about in the past:

Colorful children's room

Style at Home.

Hats off for a job well done! Check out Nataliya’s blog for some in-progress photos.

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